Our Buyer Process

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Our Buyer Process

Identify The Right Business

  • You don’t want just any business, you want the right business. The number one factor in finding the right match is understanding who you are as a potential business owner: Your strengths, your weaknesses, your experience, and your vision for the business. We look at all these factors to find potential businesses that match your profile and fall within your budget range.

Find The Right Business

  • As business intermediaries, our constant focus is on finding new opportunities. We use a variety of methods to locate business owners who are willing to sell their successful companies. Many times we work with a buyer to find them an off-market business that fits their needs and we persuade the owners to sell.

Initial Inquiry

  • When you have found a potential business that you are interested in and fits your profile, you are going to want more specific details about the business operations and the financial documents. We facilitate that process by providing you with the NDA the business owners requires and we make a formal request for financial statements.

Secure Financing

  • As a buyer, very early in the process, you are going to have to be able to show that you have the funds to close on the business, or show that you have approved financing to cover the required investment. We assist you in getting a Proof of Funds letter to the seller. If you don’t have your own financing in place, we have a network of lenders who can assist you based on your qualifications.

  • We may also work with our buyer and seller to procure owner financing terms, which can be a win-win for both sides.

Make An Offer

  • If you're ready to move forward after all of your preliminary questions have been answered, we help you prepare and submit your official written offer. This is the start of the negotiation process between buyer and seller. During this process, price, terms, and conditions will be addressed.

Due Diligence

  • If your offer is accepted, you will sign a letter of intent and go into your Due Diligence phase. This is the point where it is incumbent upon you, your staff, your accountant, and your attorney to make sure this business was represented properly and there are no hidden surprises that could hurt you after the deal closes.

Closing And Transfer Of Ownership

  • If the business passes your diligence test, we are then ready to schedule closing. We will help secure a Purchase and Sales Agreement between you and the seller for your attorney to review. We help make sure there is a smooth transfer of ownership as you take control of your new enterprise.