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Our Process

NIN Business Brokers understands that successfully selling a business is a transactional process built by relationships.

The first step in our process is to get to know our clients. We believe it is just as important to understand why you are selling as it is to understand what you are selling.   Our agents try to really get to know the owners they represent.  Why is that important? Well, just like businesses are different, owners are very different too.  Some owners want updates everyday, other owners only want to know when there are significant developments.  Some owners ask us to email them, others say, just call me.  Some owners like to talk about their business exit strategy in the morning, others prefer at the end of the day.  Some owners want to sell to whomever will pay them the most and other owners only want to sell to a buyer whom they feel will continue the legacy they started and there are many many other reasons. We know that we serve our owners best when we invest the time to get to know them personally.

Then we collect all the pertinent information about your business.  We hold everything in strictest confidence until we secure a qualified buyer who has provided us with sufficient Proof of Funds and signed the appropriate NDA.

Next we work with the buyer to assist them in the Due Diligence process.  We are careful to present your business in a truthful but most advantageous manner.  

Finally we work with both Buyers and Sellers to ensure a smooth closing transaction and successful transfer of ownership.

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