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Our Sales Process

Selling your business is a proces that we handle step-by-step, in a very systematic manner, to maximize your net potential profit and minimize delays. If you're ready to sell, or even considering selling your business, we'd like you to understand the ways in which we facilitate a successful exit for you.


  • We start by getting a deep understanding of your business.  We are more proficient in selling your business when we understand the asset that you have.  Our initial conversation is designed to give us basic insight about your business and why you are selling.  

    *Please note: We hold all information you share with us in the strictest confidence.  We guard closely against letting the knowledge that you want to sell get out to employees, customers or competitors.


  • We analyze the financial data of your business to help us determine the range for a fair asking price. You will ultimately determine the asking price for your business, but this will provide us with a starting point, and we will know how you measure up compared to similar businesses on the market.


  • When you decide that you are ready to sell your business, or at least test the market, we engage in a service agreement. This document gives us permission to market and represent your business to our qualified buyer pool.


  • We discretely market your business to potential buyers. Our marketing and advertising process is careful to only include pertinent but generic information necessary for a buyer to express initial interest.  We do not publish any information that would reveal the identity of your company.


  • When we receive an inquiry from a potential buyer, we start a thorough vetting process with them to ensure they have the background, experience, and money (or access to financing) necessary to complete the transaction. To protect you, we require the buyer provide Proof of Funds to move forward. If they pass our test, we require a full Non-Disclosure Agreement before we release any specific information about your business.


  • The buyer is going to want to know more about the business. We gather the information they need from you. You, the seller, are going to want to know more about the potential buyer. We share that information with you.

    After the preliminary questions have been answered to everyone's satisfaction, we facilitate an introductory phone call between the buyer(s) and seller(s).

The Offer

  • If the buyer is still interested after the initial meeting with the seller, we assist the buyer in preparing a Letter of Intent. This document expresses the buyer's intent to move forward, and it triggers the start of the official Due Diligence phase.

  • After diligence is complete, and if the buyer has serious interest, we work with them to submit a formal, written offer for the seller to review. This offer will list the price, conditions, and terms the buyer is seeking. It also gives the seller a point to start the negotiation process.

Due Diligence

  • During due diligence, the buyer and their team will be examining all documentation necessary for them to know exactly what they are buying, and to make sure there are no surprise factors that might jeopardize the deal.

Purchase Agreement

  • When Due Diligence has been completed and all questions have been answered, the seller’s attorney (or broker) will prepare a Purchase Agreement. The terms of this agreement were stated and agreed to during the Offer period, but may be modified if significant discrepancies were found during diligence.


  • The final step is to facilitate a successful closing. This usually happens at an attorney's office or at the company office. We confirm the transfer of funds to the seller’s account and transfer of ownership and keys to the buyer.